Who we are

Our Team

Chad Bialobzyski, P.Eng., PMP

Chad is our Principal Engineer and is responsible to ensure quality and consistency for all projects. Chad has over 15 years of consulting experience in Land Development and Municipal Infrastructure. Some of Chad’s repeat Clients include Saskatchewan Government Insurance, SaskPower Corporation, Dream Development, RGAL Architecture, PS Engineering, Park Avenue Builders and the Town of White City.

Chad is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute, and he is registered as a Professional Engineer in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Brad Tooth, A.Sc.T.

Brad Tooth is a Senior Civil Designer and he is responsible for design quality and construction services. He has over 15 years of experience in Land Development and Municipal Infrastructure design and construction. 

Brad is a certified Applied Science Technologist (A.Sc.T) with Technology Professionals Saskatchewan.


Adam Molyneaux, A.Sc.T.

Adam is a Computer Aided Drafting Specialist and our Drawing Production Lead. Adam has worked in engineering consulting since obtaining his Engineering Design and Drafting diploma from Lethbridge College in 2011. He has experience in surveying, drafting and civil engineering design. 

Adam is a certified Applied Science Technologist (A.Sc.T) with Technology Professionals Saskatchewan.


“Chad and his team’s dedication, attention to detail, and exceptional guidance significantly contributed to the success of this project. They handled our project with such care and professionalism, making us feel as if it were their own, demonstrating a level of commitment that sets them apart in the engineering and project management field. Their deliverables consistently outperformed our expectations and initial requirements, and their competitive pricing set them apart in the market which is why we are so very happy to recommend Chad and his team for any land-use development projects.”

Krista – Planner

“I highly recommend Chad and the team at Landworks. We had a complicated parking lot development and Landworks guided us through every step of the way.   They helped collaborate with the building owner, neighboring properties, and the City by providing drainage plans and agreements.  I was very impressed with their knowledge and experience.  I would definitely use Landworks for future projects.”

John – Real Estate Developer

“We had the pleasure of working with Landworks Civil Engineering on a couple recent projects, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. At the beginning of the project, it was obvious that they possessed a high level of expertise and meticulous attention to detail.  They consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of both the technical and practical aspects of civil engineering.

Chad Bialobzyski’s commitment to delivering complete package was evident. We would not hesitate to recommend Chad to anyone in need of a skilled and reliable civil engineer.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with Landworks Civil Engineering again on future projects. Thank you for a job well done!”

Bob – General Contractor

Our Commitment To you

We are committed to providing all customer deliverables on time and on budget.

We provide regular updates so you are constantly informed about your projects.

We follow up with approving agencies on your behalf on a regular basis.

We act with integrity, professionalism and selflessness.

Our Projects

AVANA Windsor Park

AVANA Developments is constructing a 24 building, 234-unit townhouse development in East Regina. Landworks was commissioned in January 2023 to provide Civil Engineering services for the development. We designed the storm water management system, water distribution system and wastewater collection system. We also developed a grading plan for the roads and buildings.

We obtained a development permit by April 2023, which gave AVANA the confidence to commence construction as soon as the ground thawed.

Through the summer we have provided construction survey layout and periodic construction inspections for rough grading and the underground water, wastewater and storm water utility design. We will continue with those services for the curb, sidewalk and asphalt construction in the Fall of 2023.

Water and Sewer Expansion – Village of Lipton

Landworks was contacted by the Village of Lipton because they wanted to expand their water distribution and sewer collection system. The Village identified the need for an additional 700 metres of new watermains and 350 metres of new sewage mains.

Landworks provided the Village with plan-profile drawings for permit approval. The construction of the water and sewer infrastructure is scheduled to occur once financing is made available.

SaskPower – Shaunavon Yard Improvements

Landworks was contacted by PBN Construction and SaskPower during the construction of a SaskPower storage yard expansion in Shaunavon Saskatchewan. PBN constructed about 0.8 hectares (1.8 acres) of storage yard and identified the need for obtaining design elevations prior to future expansion for a total yard area of 1.6 hectares (3.9 acres).

We completed a topographic survey and existing elevations plan to identify drainage and yard access constraints. We then developed a site plan for each storage unit, a grading plan for the new storage yard and a landscaping plan for the yard restoration.

We assisted SaskPower and PBN with providing a schedule of quantities for construction quotations. The project was awarded to Earthforce Construction from Shaunavon and construction began in May 2023.

Landworks completed periodic site inspections and construction survey layout for the project. We helped coordinate materials testing with Ground Engineering in Regina and reviewed testing information. We were also able to provide real-time troubleshooting to help the contractor overcome unforeseeable circumstances to minimize construction delays.

The yard expansion project was substantially completed by mid-July 2023.

YQR Parking Lot Expansion – Park Avenue Builders and FedEx

Landworks was contacted in August 2022 to assist with a building renovation project at the Regina International Airport. Park Avenue Builders was hired by FedEx to manage a multimillion-dollar renovation project and it included a parking lot expansion and renovation. They were required to provide a grading plan and civil engineering design for the parking lot expansion.

Landworks completed a topographic survey and civil engineering design for the replacement and expansion of their parking lot. We also prepared a site plan showing the layout of all parking stalls. We then prepared a construction contract and facilitated an invitational tender. The project was awarded to Site Management from Regina and construction began in June 2023.

The construction was separated into two phases and the first phase was completed in July 2023.

Building Condition Assessment – Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Landworks was part of an Architecture and Engineering team to complete a building condition assessment on six (6) buildings owned by SGI in Estevan, Kindersley, Moose Jaw Claims, Moose Jaw Service, Swift Current and Weyburn.

We prepared the civil engineering inspection report for all locations to help the Facilities Branch determine the condition of their parking lot, exterior sidewalks, and exterior drainage systems. This information helps SGI prioritize maintenance and renovation works in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

SaskPower Strasbourg Yard

Landworks was contacted by SaskPower about their storage yard in Strasbourg Saskatchewan. They frequently have seasonal flooding issues that compromises the usability of their yard. Landworks completed a topographic survey in the winter and prepared a grading design ready for summer construction.

Pulfer Subdivision, Phase 2 – Weyburn

The developer for the Pulfer Subdivision in Weyburn was required to provide safe building elevations by the local authority prior to obtaining Subdivision Approval for their newest phase of development. Most of the subdivision was previously designed by a previous firms so the design had to take the existing subdivision and previously identified flow paths into account.

Landworks completed a topographic survey and determined the flow path to an adequate outlet for the subdivision. We then prepared a detailed grading plan and answered questions from the local authority to help the developer obtain subdivision approval.

Regina Mosque

Landworks was hired as the Site Civil Engineer by 1080 Architecture for a new Mosque Development in Regina. We completed a topographic survey in January 2023 and prepared a grading plan and water and sewer servicing plan for Development Permit Approval. The project is in the early phases of construction and Landworks will continue to support the project as needed.

Lakeside Retreat – Candle Lake Saskatchewan

Landworks was first commissioned by a developer in Candle Lake to prepare a Storm Water Management Plan. This plan was required by Community Planning to ensure that the development did not impede existing drainage paths and was able to safely convey water to an adequate outlet. 

The Resort Village of Candle Lake required the developer to prepare a concept plan report. Landworks is assisting the subdivision development planner with the Concept Plan document and stakeholder engagement. The Concept Plan is scheduled to be in front of Council for approval in the Fall of 2023.

Owners Engineering Services – White City

The Town of White City identified the need for additional engineering support to help review the construction of the Royal Park Subdivision. The Town staff previously worked with Chad at Landworks on similar assignments and determined it would be a good idea to work together again. Landworks is currently assisting the Town with drawing reviews and construction inspections of the White City’s newest neighbourhood.

Eastbrook Parcel D – AVANA Developments

AVANA contacted Landworks Civil Engineering in 2022 to provide a grading plan and site servicing plan for a 6 building, 62 unit townhouse development in east Regina. Landworks prepared the required site civil design drawings for the City of Regina Development Permit and we provided the construction surveying for the underground utility construction. The underground construction was completed in the Fall of 2022 and surfacing construction is ongoing in 2023.

Hutterite Colony Development – Alberta

Landworks was contacted by another engineering firm in Alberta to help design a new Hutterite Colony development. We purchased LiDAR data and completed a limited topographic survey to create digital elevation model of the existing ground surface. Landworks was provided a site layout from the design team and developed a final surface design that would provide earth balance. Landworks also provided preliminary wastewater lagoon and water reservoir sizing for the development.

We have intentionally omitted the client details and project location out of respect for the community. Please contact us for additional references if you are interested in a similar project.

CRM Rubber Facility Expansion – Moose Jaw

CRM is expanding into an existing facility in Moose Jaw and they required additional exterior storage areas. They required a grading plan for their development permit. Through PS Engineering, Landworks completed a topographic survey and grading plan in January 2023. By completing the topographic survey we discovered the original site plan improvements extended beyond the Clients property line. We were able to identify this conflict before construction started.

Water Line Design – Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

We were contacted by the Prime Architect, SEPW Architecture, to design a potable water line extension to service an existing building in the Rural Municipality of Estevan. SEPW was working on a renovation project when it was determined that a new potable water line would be required.

Landworks completed a topographic survey through a snow-covered road ditch and produced plan and profile drawings for 550m of new water main.

Queen City Autobody Expansion

Queen City Autobody is a local business in Regina and they are expanding their shop area. A grading plan was required for their Development Permit and through Park Avenue Builders we were hired to complete that task. We completed a topographic survey during the winter to help ensure that permits were obtained prior to spring.

Sisters Building – Chip and Dale Renovation

The Sisters Building is a building adjacent to Dr. Martin Leboldus High School in Regina and was used as a convent. The building is currently under renovation for a local business offering programs for persons experiencing a disability. The renovations included a parking lot expansion.

Landworks used topographic survey data supplied by the Owner and prepared a grading plan for Development Permit Approval. We also completed a field experiment with First Transit to determine the actual turning radius for a typical City of Regina transit bus.

The City of Regina required the Owner to prove the existing drainage ditch could accommodate additional flows caused by the development. Landworks used open-source data to analyze the catchment area and determine the relative impact of the development on the existing systems. This assessment was summarized in a letter report and was approved by the City of Regina.

The Development Permit was obtained in August 2023.

Buffalo Pound Glamping Resort – Schematic Design

Landworks was commissioned through Ray Gosselin Architecture to assist with the conceptual design of a glamping resort at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Landworks provided the design team with a water distribution concept and guidelines for wastewater collection and site grading. We also performed a limited topographic survey to assist the developer with revising their site plan.